Register for CXC in Trinidad & Tobago for 2022

Registering for the CXC 2022 exam in Trinidad & Tobago is facilitated through the Ministry of Education's website. Students from Trinidad & Tobago can join our online exam preparation classes for only TT$200 per subject per month.

Join our exam preparation classes

A unique virtual learning experience

Our unique approach to online learning increases ease of access to quality education for Caribbean students. We provide enrolled students with an abundance of resources, including

Smaller class sizes for individual student attention

Study notes and exercises on each topic covered

Weekly assessments, monthly progress reports

Recorded classes, accessible 24/7

Cost of Online Classes

SubjectCost Per Subject Per Month
All subjects
  • Jamaica
    JMD $6,000
  • Jamaica
    TTD $250
  • Jamaica
    BBD $60
  • Jamaica
    XCD $80
  • Jamaica
    USD $35
The above fees are paid per subject per month. School year consists of two terms (Sept - Dec, Jan - May). Class fees do not include exam fees. Learn more about exm fees.